Freelance Technical Business Writer, Ghostwriter, Research Analyst


I’m a technical business writer who can help you improve your operations!

I’m the best fit for your company if you’re looking for a writer and someone who:

  • Delves into the internal workings of your organization or designated department to find “holes” and implement solutions.
  • Finds the innuendo in the mundane and sifts through the fat to find the meat… the gist of what you’re seeking.
  • Researches topics in-depth and looks at every angle to develop a solid plan of attack.
  • Makes complex subjects understandable.
  • Runs with your specifications and does what it takes to deliver the results you want, on time.
  • Pays attention to details, sometimes to a fault.
  • Easily adapts with you to changing business priorities, objectives and timelines.

I’ve helped companies meet their goals and objectives, as a corporate technical writer and now freelancer, in a variety of ways:

  • Researching, writing, and implementing programs like fraud prevention, corporate ethics and auditing
  • Researching and summarizing federal, state and local regulations for corporate compliance in claims processing and reporting
  • Writing, editing and communicating operational, desk-level and compliance-related policies and procedures for internal and external end-users
  • Gathering data, analyzing it and issuing reports for audits, qualitative research, finance and accounting
  • Performing work-flow studies, for claims and credentialing departments
  • Creating content for an on-line membership site, including exercises, biographies, articles and tips rooted in spiritual and personal growth
  • Writing and editing workbooks for spiritual retreats and personal development teleclasses
  • Writing newsletter and blog articles for a health and wellness website
  • Creating event flyers and e-mails
  • Assisting attorney with research for an Intellectual Property case
  • Ghostwriting a non-fiction book focusing on history and geology

So if you aren’t looking for a technical writer with an IT specialty or a subject matter expert, but instead want a writer who can research, analyze, and document any aspect of your business, then give me a call or drop me a note and let’s see what we can accomplish together!


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