What I’ve Done

I’ve researched, written and delivered a variety of end-products. I’ve worked in and for different departments within several industries throughout my career as a corporate and freelance technical writer.

To give you a better feel for my capabilities and what I’ve accomplished, I’ve grouped my past deliverables by type. Samples can be provided upon request.


Blog/Newsletter Articles

  • Health and wellness guest blogs and newsletter articles
    • topics include “Oral Health Isn’t Just For Your Smile”, “Heart Health – What You Can Do
  • Spiritual/personal development guest blog articles
    • topics include “Seeing the Perfection in the All”, “Are You in Control”, “The Value in Simplicity”, “Why Worry”, “Surrender the Struggle

Web-Related Content

  • Content for paid on-line membership site for spiritual/personal growth website, including
    • Exercises designed for self-growth/inner reflection
    • Tips, articles, videos
    • Theme-based compilations on spiritual/personal growth topics and leaders, including biographies and other information

Brochures, Flyers and Other Communications

  • Brochure and companion handbook about ethics, distributed to all staff (see Corporate Guide for Business below)
  • Event flyers and emails for spiritual retreats, both informational and marketing
  • Policy communications and training of supervisors and HR staff regarding legal issues
  • Communications plan for Knox-Keene conversion and various documents for due diligence related to post-conversion acquisitions
  • Stakeholder communications for audit programs, findings and regulatory requirements, distributed internally and externally

Manuals/Policies & Procedures

  • Provider Policy and Procedure Manual and related materials, distributed to external delegated entities
    • Detailed operational and regulatory guidelines for external delegated entities to facilitate compliance with health plan and regulatory requirements
  • California Statewide Benefits Administration Policy Manual
    • Delineated pricing and claims processing guidelines for member and provider benefits, also maintained on-line version
  • Employee Handbooks, Supervisory Manual, Administrative Manual, training materials and other Human Resource documents
  • Financial Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual and desk level procedures, including internal controls
  • Policies and Procedures for Provider Services, Credentialing and Claims departments
  • Operational policies, procedures and training manuals

Compliance Programs and Guidelines

  • Corporate Guide for Business and Ethical Conduct and companion Compliance Program Guide
    • Outlined ethical conduct in the workplace with a quick-reference brochure, handbook and employee training program; included training employees nationwide
  • Fraud Prevention Program, specific to health care industry
    • Detailed fraud prevention guidelines, monitoring and reporting; included training of all stakeholders (staff, vendors, delegated entities, medical providers) and managing fraud committee related activities
  • Delegated Oversight and Audit Guide
    • Laid out audit program in-depth for external delegated entities and internal staff for compliance with state/federal regulations and health plan requirements for claims processing standards;  included regulatory reporting and training of delegated entities
  • Claims Legal Reference Guide
    • Summarized pertinent Federal and State regulations and contractual guidelines for handling and processing Medicaid and Healthy Families claims with legal hierarchy, citations, and key impact on the organization
  • Credentialing Program Requirements
    • Listed comprehensive policies and procedures for internal staff and delegated entities for compliance with NCQA accreditation standards (NCQA is the premier certifying agency for health plans)
  • Pre-Employment Testing Program and Drug Testing Program
    • Outlined policies, administrative guidelines and training program; also scripted administrator tasks; included “train the trainer” program

Analytical Reports

  • Findings Reports
    • Included note-taking and analysis for focus group studies
  • Audit Reports and Executive Summaries
    • Audits and analyses focused on provider billing practices, claims processing practices, and lender compliance with insurance coverage and documentation requirements
  • Work Flow and Process Studies
    • Included operational, desk level and backlog analysis for credentialing and claims departments
  • Variance Analysis Reports for financial and accounting transactions

Miscellaneous Technical Writing

  • Assisted with creation and editing of Discussion Guides for focus group studies and Screener Guides for survey and focus group participant recruitment
  • Legal research and document preparation for an Intellectual Property attorney
  • Writing and editing assistance for bid proposals in response to RFPs/RFQs for client company

Miscellaneous Freelance Writing and Editing

  • Editing blog and newsletter articles for health/wellness and spiritual/personal development companies
  • Editing teleclass/retreat handbooks
  • Editing web copy
  • Ghostwriting a historical non-fiction book with a photographer

As you can see, I get things done! Let’s discuss your goals and objectives and how I can help. Call me or drop me a note today.

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